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Body of missing Illinois woman found dumped in laundry cart

Chicago, IL– Authorities in Illinois are reporting that the body of a 21-year-old woman who has been missing since January was discovered this week in an alleyway.
Investigators say Rosa Chacon’s body was found in a laundry cart, tied up and wrapped in a sheet about 2.5 miles from her home.
Rosa was originally reported missing on January 18th by her family after she got into an Uber just outside of her home on South St. Louis Avenue and failed to come home.
“She said, ‘I’ll be back, Mom. I got the Uber ride there and the Uber ride back,’ that’s what she told me,” her mother, also named Rosa Chavon told ABC 7 Chicago.
Rosa reportedly called her mother the following day to ask for a ride home, however, 30 seconds into the phone call, the call dropped and Rosa’s family could no longer get ahold of her.
The family says they contacted police and told them to look into the Uber, however, authorities told them that “a crime had to be committed for them to do anything,” Rosa’s boyfriend, Alejandro Guzman, told ABC 7.
“Once you check the Uber out, they’ll let you know exactly where she went, the guy who ordered the Uber, because we didn’t have no information,” Rosa’s mother said. “But they kept giving us the runaround.”
The family says they ended up hiring a private detective on March 6th to look into the case.
Rosa’s body was eventually found 10:45 a.m. Wednesday in an alley near Western Avenue and 24th Place.
“I don’t know how they have a heart to do somebody like that,” Rosa’s mom told the outlet.
The Cook County medical examiner is now working to determine Rosa’s cause of death.