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Body cam video shows sergeant grabbing fellow officer by throat

A Sunrise Police sergeant is under investigation after an incident involving another officer was caught on video. The veteran officer was seen putting his hands on the neck of another officer.

Sunrise Police released this body camera video to 7Investigates after a tip led them to ask about a Nov. 19 incident.

The body camera shows a man being walked by officers to a patrol car. He was being arrested for aggravated battery after police say he hit people outside this convenience store. The man under arrest is already in handcuffs, but officers appear to be having difficulty getting him into the car. Around that time, Sgt. Pullease pulls up and walks up to the suspect.

Sunrise Police Chief Anthony Rosa says he could not tell us what the sergeant said, but says it made the situation worse.

You see the cuffed man back away in the backseat, as Pullease leans into the car.

Suddenly, an officer races towards the sergeant and pulls him by the belt with both hands away from the car. Pullease, pepper spray still in one hand, grabs the officer with the other and pushes her against a patrol car.

Seconds later, he walks back to the car with the cuffed suspect, opens the door and closes it before pointing at the officer and saying something.

Chief Rosa says the young officer did the right thing.

According to reports the 28-year-old officer, who’s name has not been released, has been with Sunrise Police for just over two and a half years. Compare that to 46-year-old Sgt. Christopher Pullease, a 21-year-plus veteran of the force.

Pullease is on desk duty and declined to comment through his union.