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Boca Raton man says scammers tried to sell him a fake coronavirus test

A Boca Raton man told our news partner, WPTV Channel 5 News, that scammers tried to sell him a fake coronavirus test.

Boca Raton resident, Morris Umansky, told Contact 5 that he was getting his home ready in case he had to self-quarantine when two strangers showed up, knocked on his door, and asked if they wanted coronavirus tests for $300.

He said the scammers were dressed in Florida business casual attire and were carrying plastic bags and Q-tips, but no gloves, masks or credentials.

“I do not think the CDC or health department is going to send people to your door unless you know about it beforehand,” Umansky said.

Umansky said he told the scammers he was going to call his doctor to make sure it was okay, and by the time he went back to the door, they were gone.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office also issued a warning on social media against people showing up to homes dressed in lab coats, claiming to be with the CDC to test people for the virus.

Don’t fall for the scams!