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Boca Raton is increasing the fine for littering of PPE masks.

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(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Don’t get caught throwing down your mask, gloves or any other Covid-19 protective equipment in Boca Raton, right now the fine is $50 but it will be increased to $250 and you will be ordered to pick up trash as punishment.

City Councilman Andy Thompson introduced and proposed ordinance at a commission meeting  Feb 23.

The city council is set to vote on the matter Tuesday.

This is a new ordinance in Florida, but it safe to say that this is a great thing for the environment.

It’s very important that we all work together to keep Florida safe and clean.

Los Angeles has passed a similar ordinance last summer so now, Florida will be next in line to increase the fine of anyone caught littering of PPE Covid-19 protective equipment.

By passing this ordinance it will make people think twice about just letting PPE masks blow in the wind and not picking them up and throwing them away in the trash.

Thomson is fed up. He even found a mask in the parking lot of City Hall.