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Boca man “joking” with his friend accidentally shoots him in the arm


Boca Raton, FL — A Boca Raton man is facing charges after he accidentally discharged his loaded weapon while playing with a friend.
The incident occurred on Oct. 9, 2022.
Investigators say they were called to a home by 35-year-old Albert Medina, who was frantically requesting an ambulance for his friend.
Medina reported that he accidentally shot his friend and his friend was in need of medical assistance.
When authorities arrived at the home, they found a 22-year-old with a bullet wound in his arm, and a belt wrapped around it in a makeshift tourniquet.
The victim told authorities that Medina asked him to get something from his vehicle and when he refused, Medina got his gun, pointed it at him, and pulled the trigger.
The victim reported that he believed the gun would be empty because he and Medina often joked like that.
Medina also told authorities that he did realize the gun was loaded and didn’t mean to actually shoot his friend.
He was arrested and charged with culpable negligence that inflicted harm.