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Boca couple arrested after infant overdoses on fentanyl

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A Florida couple is facing child neglect charges after their 7-month-old was found to have overdosed on fentanyl.
The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. Monday at a motel at 1801 N. Federal Highway.
Authorities say the child’s mother 26-year-old Gekia Hunter, contacted them because the baby was not breathing.
Hunter told officials that the child recently had a cold and was wheezing.
She put the child down for a nap and a short time later, noticed the child making gargling noises.
First responders found the child in full cardiac arrest and were able to regain a slight pulse after conducting lifesaving measures.
The child was taken to Boca Raton Regional Medical Center where doctors then administered Narcan and revived the child.
The child was then transferred to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital for further treatment.
While searching the motel where the child was found unresponsive, authorities found 5.2 grams of fentanyl in the baby’s diaper bag, just under a gram of fentanyl in a drawer with the baby’s clothes, and straws used to snort heroin.
Officials also found empty clear capsules with a white residue and a clear straw with a white residue in an outside trashcan after pulling surveillance from the motel showing Hunter throwing away items before rescue crews arrived.
Hunter eventually revealed that her boyfriend Bianley Jolicoeur sold drugs from the motel and that she would do heroin in the bathroom while he did it on the dresser.
Hunter’s bond was set at $14,000, while Jolicoeur’s bond was set at $19,000.