Bob Dylan is Dead – and has been for 11 Years, according to Siri

Apple officials on Thursday fixed an apparent bug in its popular Siri app that caused the virtual assistant to report that Bob Dylan had been dead for 11 years.

Prior to the fix, users of the Apple app who inquired about Dylan’s age were told he died on April 24th, 2008, at the age of 66. For the record, Dylan’s still alive and kicking at 78.

It wasn’t the first time Siri’s wires have gotten crossed. In 2017, it claimed John Travolta had died; and a year later it claimed Marvel’s Stan Lee had passed on — five months before he actually did.

The app has also caught heat for saying former first lady Barbara Bush was four feet tall, when she was actually 5-8.

Do you accept everything Siri says as fact?