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Black Protesters pour Paint over BLM Mural yelling “Refund the Police”

A black women, Bevelyn Beatty, 29, was arrested for throwing paint on the Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower Saturday.
Anti BLM

Beatty, an anti-abortion activist from Staten Island, was arrested alongside Edmee Chavannes, 39, after they were seen smearing black paint over the bright yellow lettering of the Fifth Avenue mural, yelling ‘Re-fund the police’.

Both of the women were charged with criminal mischief and released a short while later. But within hours, Beatty filmed herself conducting a ‘drive-by painting’ in Harlem at Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, and another on Fulton Street, Brooklyn.

The 29-year-old, dressed in a ‘Jesus Matters’ t-shirt, is then seen picking up one of the cans and walking past the officer across Fifth Avenue to the mural, dumping the paint onto the BLM letters while several passers-by watch on in shock.

‘Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter, right?’ she says in the video. ‘For the Black people. This is for the black people. They’re destroying business for black people. They’re looting for black people.

‘No, we’re not standing with Black Lives Matter. We want our police. Refund our police.’


An NYPD officer was injured after slipping on Beatty’s paint while attempted to detain her. The officer hit his arm and head on the asphalt hard and had to be helped back to his feet by two other cops.

Beatty was arrested along with Chavannes but the pair were released within hours.