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Bill to allow schools attached to churches to concealed carry

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(AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane)

A new bill seeks to allow the carry of concealed weapons on school campuses that are attached to or also serve as churches.

House Bill 259 was introduced by Pace Re. Jayer Williamson and Michelle Salman.

Both sponsors say the bill is needed because the current law about guns in religious institutions in Florida has too many loopholes.

The law currently allows conceal carry inside religious institutions, however, the law does not allow weapons in schools. Williamson says it’s a complication as many religious institutions also serve as schools during the week.

“So even if Pre-K met Monday-Friday when you carried concealed on Sunday, you would be inadvertently breaking the law, the way that it’s written now, so this just fixes that glitch,” said Williamson.

Salman says the bill will also give more power to the property owner:

“It really should be minimizing opposition, because it gives institutions authority to post outside of their building that they don’t want someone carrying. It still give the power to the property owners themselves,” said Salzman.

Those who oppose the bill say that they fear the change will open the door to having guns in public schools.

Williamson responded to that sentiment stating:

“People who are going to break the law, are going to break the law no matter what the law is, so this just puts into place where a concealed weapons permit holder can carry concealed on-site and not be inadvertently breaking the law,” said Williamson.

The bill  is expected to be presented in the House on Thursday.