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Big Dog Ranch Rescue on a mission to save displaced Ukrainian dogs

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shattered the lives of millions of people.  According to WPTV and BBC News, more than 12 million families havea been forced to flee their homes.

With little enough time to even pack their things, Ukrainians escaping the violence of the conflict have been forced to leave behind their family dogs.

Fortunately, a Palm Beach based dog rescue shelter has spearheaded an initiative to find homes for these displaced pups.

Lauree Simmons, founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, will be leaving Wednesday for Poland where she will set up shop in an abandoned animal shelter near the Ukrainian boarder.

Simmons has been in contact with a Romanian animal shelter since before the war was underway.  She remained in contact with the shelter, even after the violence started.

It was this shelter that brought the abandoned dogs to Simmons’ attention.

“So many pets out there fending for themselves with no one to care for them,” said Simmons. “They are pulling them out of buildings that are half blown up. Dogs are just hanging around where there use to be a home and now it’s a pile of rubble.”

Simmons will be traveling with two other Big Dog Ranch Rescue workers, all at her own expense, “It’s certainly not inexpensive, but these dogs that have been through so much and are shell shocked,”.

Once the dogs are cleared for travel, the rescuers will do their best to find them homes in Europe, the US and Canada.