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Biden’s Tampa Virtual Town Hall was a Virtual Mess

A virtual Tampa rally for Joe Biden is an example of how the pandemic is changing politics, but it didn’t go so well. The former vice president held a virtual rally yesterday for his local supporters, but his message may have gotten lost in a series of technical glitches that included a recurring black screen, Biden repeatedly asking, “are we on” and the sound of a duck quacking in the background. Things only got slightly better as Biden came on, apparently speaking from his backyard. “I wish that we could have done this together and it had gone a little more smoothly,” the former vice president said as he removed his trademark aviator sunglasses to begin his speech. When the basic tech wasn’t failing Biden, a rather loud, angry-sounding chirping bird drowned out Biden’s remarks better than any MAGA protestor could ever hope to achieve. Virtual campaigning could decide the race between Biden and President Trump.