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Biden “Queen reminds me of my Mother”

President Biden says he had “a great talk” with Queen Elizabeth who reminds him of his mother, “The look of her and her generosity.”

Biden also made another protocol breach when he arrived at Windsor Castle on helicopter Marine One for a military Guard of Honor and tea with.
He left his famous aviator sunglasses on when he met the 95 year old monarch, according to a former royal butler.
“He should have removed them,” Grant Harrold, a former butler to Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, told Newsweek. He said the president was entitled to wear his shades to the event but should have removed them at the point he greeted Elizabeth.

Before boarding Air Force One to fly to Brussels, he told reporters he invited the Queen to the White House.
Biden says she asked what the White House was like and Biden told her it was beautiful and busy.

Also over the weekend, the Queen celebrated her birthday…again.
On April 21, the actual day of her birth, Elizabeth II celebrates privately, but on a Saturday in June, she marks her “official” birthday publicly, in true British royal fashion, with a carriage and horse procession known as Trooping the Colour. The Queen was colorful herself an insisted on cutting her birthday cake with a ceremonial sword.

The President will be in Belgium for a NATO Summit before Wednesday’s scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva who might ask him, “who’s your daddy?”