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Biden and Harris criticize their own border agents for their treatment of illegal migrants

Florida Senator Rick Scott is criticizing President Biden for the way he has failed to control the Southern border. Scott points out that more than a million illegal migrants have streamed over the southern border in the past 8-months in a country of 300-million that 1 out of 300 people who don’t belong here arrived this year, according to Scott.

President Biden vowed to get the situation at the border under control soon when asked about the crisis at the UN General Assembly in New York Tuesday.

Sen. Scott points out that one out of every three Americans is an illegal migrant after more than a million streamed into the country over the past 8 months.
Biden’s own border officials are now also under fire for their treatment of the Haitian migrants trying to illegally enter Del Rio Texas.

Several agents have been injured by Haitian migrants trying to escape repatriation.
Vice President Kamala Harris, who is in charge of the problem at the border is not communicating with her own agents on how to handle the crisis. She is only criticizing them.
Harris what’s going on
Perhaps she’ll take a trip to the border herself to investigate.