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Biden: “Americans are NOT racist” but “Systemic Racism” is a stain on the nation?

Despite saying after the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict that “Systemic racism is a stain on our nation’s soul” President Joe Biden is now saying that Americans “Are Not Racist.”
Biden American racist not
Biden made the remark after Black Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) said that “America is not a racist country” in his rebuttal speech to the president’s address to Congress earlier this week.

Biden-GOP Response-Not Racist Country

After his rebuttal, Scott was slammed on social media and called “Uncle Tim,” suggesting he was too deferential to whites. Yesterday, Scott told Fox News that “the left” is fighting bigotry with bigotry, and that a backlash was coming to what he called “this liberal oppression.” He then assured conservatives that “the greatest comeback in American history” was on its way.

During an interview on NBC, Biden noted that past U.S. laws against Black people “had a cost,” and they need to be addressed. However, Biden’s new statement that Americans are not racist has prompted strong rejection from some who say, “Explain to me how we have systemic racism in this country without racists?”