Bette Midler heckles Trump ‘Hocus Pocus’ style

Actress Bette Midler took to Twitter Monday to take another jab at President Trump, ‘Hocus Pocus’ style.

Midler shared an image of her dressed as Winifred, one of the three Sanderson sisters from the 1993 Halloween flick and featured adult-film star Stormy Daniels and comedian Kathy Griffin as the other two witches.

All three women have made headlines for individual rivalries with the president.

Trump recently called Midler “a washed up psycho” after she shared a fake quote about him via Twitter.

Griffin endured extreme criticism after the 2017 photo shoot that included her holding up a severed, bloody prop head that strongly resembled Trump.

Daniels went viral after reports surfaced last year of the $130,000 payment she received in 2016 from Trump’s then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen in return for her staying silent about an alleged affair in 2006.

Trump not only denied the alleged affair but slammed the adult film star by calling her a “horseface.”

In October, following his court victory against Daniels he sued her for payment of his legal fees in the case.

Daniels acknowledged Midler’s post on Monday calling it “The greatest tweet I’ve ever been tagged in. Period.