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Best things to buy in January – and what to wait on



(NEW YORK) — It’s a new year, which is one of the best times to shop for specific products.

A few hot-ticket items in January tend to be fitness equipment and winter clothing.

Other popular deals that might not be on your radar include holiday decorations, which are slashed following the season, as well as fine jewelry as retailers are gearing up for Valentine’s Day gifting in February.

On the flip side, there are several purchases that should be held off on, according to Deal News.

Here are some products to skip buying in January:

Gym memberships — While many would think January is a great time to cash in on a new gym membership, it’s recommended to hold off until June as many gyms are still dealing with coronavirus closings and occupant limits.

Video game consoles — The latest game consoles are still too new for discounts, but companies will more than likely start rolling out deals toward the end of the year.

Smartphones — It’s better to hold off until around September as most new models of phones are released in the fall.

Laptops — Sales on laptops in January are limited as most are reserved for “Back to School” or Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping events.

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