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Bartender robbed at gunpoint forced to pay back lost money

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A Las Vegas bartender who was robbed at gunpoint says he was forced to repay the establishment the money that was lost during the robbery.

The robbery took place at Lodge Hualapai on December 4th, 2020 according to a lawsuit filed by Edward Parker.

The gunman reportedly came into the bar and order parker to get on his knees with his hands behind his head. The suspect them proceeded to rob the bar.

“Edward was terrified during the ordeal and feared for his life” as the gunman got away with $3,937.35, the lawsuit says.

After the ordeal, the company then presented Edward with a “repayment form,” which Edward signed fearing that if he didn’t he would be fired.

The company then proceeded to dock $300 from every paycheck Edward received until June when the debt was paid off.

Despite the incident, Edward continued working for the bar, but in July he was demoted to an on-call worker.

As of last week he filed a suit with Clark County.

A Las Vegas police spokesman told NBC News that the two people involved in the robbery were arrested and that there was no evidence that Edward knew the men or had any involvement in it.

Lodge Hualapai has declined to comment on the lawsuit.