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Barron Trump “Towers” over his mom

Barron Trump, who is only 15, now stands at 6’7″ tall…a full four inches taller than his father, Former President Trump who is 6’3″. By the way, Melania is no slouch, she stands a picturesque 5’11”.
The young Trump was seen “towering” over his mother, Melania, on Wednesday as the two departed “Trump Tower,” where the former first family is currently staying while in New York.

In photos obtained by DailyMail.com show Barron, the newest “Trump Tower” walking next to his mother and carrying her vintage limited edition orange Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince bag, while she toted a $11,000 black Hermes Birkin.

Trump’s son, Eric, is 6’5″ while Donald Trump Jr is 6’1″ and Ivanka Trump is 5’11″…so it’s clear height runs in the family.

Last month, former President Donald Trump told the crowd at the North Carolina GOP convention that Barron is now 6-foot-7 inches tall…and he wasn’t kidding.