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Bahamian officials say area where teen jumped off boat is shark infested

Athol Island–Officials in the Bahamas are reporting that the 18-year-old who jumped off of a boat while celebrating his graduation, may have been attacked by a shark.
18-year-old Cameron Robbins was last seen swimming in the water near Athol Island after he jumped from the Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise ship on May 24.
Those with knowledge of the situation claim that the teen jumped off of the boat while acting on a dare.
Royal Bahamas Defense Force Commodore Raymond King told reporters at the Daily Mail that the area is “really shark-infested.”
Video of the scene shows Robbins swimming toward a nearby life preserver, before immediately swimming in the opposite direction.
Robbin then disappears underwater.
One speculator screenshot part of the video where it is believed that Robbin may have been attacked.
The boat stayed in the area for several hours searching for Robbins.
The U.S Coastguard and Bahamian officials also launched their own searches.
The search for Robbins was eventually called off on Friday.
Robbin’s family has released a statement thanking the various agencies for their help and asking for time to grieve their loved one.

Video shows teen who reportedly jumped off cruise ship on a dare