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Baby pinned under vehicle after car crash

Flashing Lights on Police Car
Modern LED light bar on police cruiser flashing red and blue emergency lights.

An 8-month-old girl and her mother are recovering after they both were struck by an out-of-control vehicle while crossing a street.

The incident occurred in Yonkers, New York on Friday.

Authorities say the a driver swerved around a corner, struck a curb and a parked car before hitting the 36-year-old mother and her child.

The vehicle then continued, striking a barbershop.

Two police officers who were getting breakfast at a nearby shop heard the collision and ran over to help.

The officers began assisting the mother but soon learned that the 8-month-old was pinned under the vehicle. Along with the help of a witness, the officers “lifted” the vehicle off of the child and brought her to safety.

“The officers with the help of bystanders heroically LIFTED THE VEHICLE off of the baby so she could be rescued and given medical aid. The officers then rendered medical aid to both victims while requesting the necessary additional resources to the scene,” the release said.

Both mother and child were then transported to an area hospital where they are expected to survive.

Medical staff reported that the mother suffered a broken leg, while the child suffered a skull fracture and third-degree burns to her back and foot.

The driver identified as 43-year-old David Poncurak is facing second-degree aggravated vehicular assault charges. Authorities say, Poncurak appeared to be drunk at the time of the crash.