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Baby found dead after parents left her with a relative to get a break

AP PhotoJohn Raoux (48)
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An 11-month -old baby has been found dead after her parents left her with a “relative” so that they “could get a break. ” The incident occurred last week in Indiana. Authorities say the child’s parents Kenneth Lain and Tiffany Coburn dropped the child off with 37-year-old Justin Miller on Friday but then contacted them on Sunday when Miller failed to return the girl. During questioning, Miller told authorities that child’s parents contacted him to buy synthetic marijuana and at some point during the conversation, Lain began complaining about having a “rough time” with the child. Miller then offered to watch the child so that the parents “could get a break.” Miller then told police that after watching the child, he left her with a woman at a hotel the child’s parents were staying on Saturday.  After further questioning, however, Miller confessed that the child died while in his care and then led them to her body. Authorities say the child’s body was found Wednesday in a densely wooded area and that they are still investigating her cause of death. Miller has been arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death. The child’s parents are also reportedly facing charges. Authorities say both Lain and Coburn were “uncooperative” and difficult to find through the investigation. They are facing neglect of a dependent charges.