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Baby found abandoned face down on sidewalk


A father is facing several charges after he reportedly fled the scene of an accident, leaving his child facedown on a sidewalk.

The incident occurred on Nov. 15th in White Pine, Tennessee.

The White Pine Police Department say they were called to the area around 1:00 a.m. after another driver heard a baby crying and pulled over to investigate.

Police say the child was found laying facedown on the sidewalk in a diaper despite it being 34 degrees outside at the time.

About 300 yards from where the baby was found, authorities located 23-year-old Juan Cervantes laying in the middle of the road “unresponsive and unable to stand on his own.”

He was taken to a nearby hospital where authorities later identified him as the child’s father.

During their investigation, authorities found surveillance video showing Cervantes running from the scene of an accident with the baby in his arms. Cervantes then put the baby down on the sidewalk and continued running.

Cervantes was charged with aggravated child abuse, driving under the influence, “child safety restraint system,” driving on a suspended/revoked license and leaving the scene of an accident.

The child is recovering in the hospital with head and neck injuries.