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Baby becomes a new passenger on a Frontier flight to Florida

A flight attendant is credited with helping a passenger give birth to a new passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight to Orlando, Florida.

Shakeria Martin was asleep when she started feeling contractions on her flight out of Denver.

“I was feeling fine and everything and so I went to sleep and I woke up and my contractions were, yeah…,” Martin told TODAY’s Sam Brock. “The first thought that ran through my mind was this cannot be happening right now. This cannot be, there’s no way I could just have this baby on this plane.”

Flight attendant Diana Giraldo was one of those on the flight to assist with the delivery, who the airline praised as “exemplary” and “calm.”

One flight attendant said that “mom gave two big pushes and the baby popped out.”

The plane was diverted to Pensacola where paramedics were waiting.  The pilot says the whole crew really did a great job. The newborn was given the middle name Sky.