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Authorities search for woman who opened fire inside a Burger King

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Officials are currently searching for a woman who opened fire inside of a Burger King through the drive-thru window.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee.

Authorities say the woman became impatient while waiting for her food in the drive-thru line. She then got out of her car and walked up to the drive-thru window and began arguing with an employee. During the argument, the woman pulled out a gun and began firing rounds inside of the restaurant.

Surveillance video of the incident shows employees ducking for cover.

Thankfully no one inside of the restaurant was injured.

The woman than woman then got back into her car and drove away.

One of the restaurant’s customers told reporters that the incident was concerning because of the kids:

“I hate they was impatient. Kids work there. So, you know that’s the thing,” said customer Dewayne Wilson.

Authorities reported that they have not identified the suspect at this time and are still searching for her.

Anyone who recognizes the shooter, or her car, is asked to call crime stoppers at 901-528-cash.