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Authorities search for parents of Michigan shooter after charges announced

School Shooting Michigan
James, left, and Jennifer Crumbley are shown during the video arraignment of their son, Ethan Crumbley in Rochester Hills, Mich., on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021. A prosecutor filed involuntary manslaughter charges Friday, Dec. 3, 20201 against the Crumbleys whose 15-year-old son is accused of killing four students at a Michigan high school. (

Authorities in Michigan are asking for the public’s help in locating the parents of Michigan high school shooting suspect  Ethan Crumbley.

The alert was issued for James and Jennifer Crumbley Friday after Prosecutor Karen McDonald told authorities that she planned to issue charges against the couple in the shooting deaths of four Oakland High School students.

When authorities went “to arrest the parents,” on Friday, their attorney told authorities that they “are now unresponsive,” despite saying they were going to turn themselves in on Friday.

That’s when authorities put out a BOTLO (be on the look out) for the pair.

The family attorney has since issued another statement saying the Crumbleys are not on the run and a returning to the area:

“The Crumbleys left town on the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety. They are returning to the area to be arraigned.”

The couple’s 15-year-old son Ethan Crumbley, is responsible for the shooting deaths of four students after he brought his father’s newly purchased gun to school and opened fire on fellow students.

Prosecutors have decided to also charge Crumbley’s parents with the deaths after an investigation found the parents were repeatedly alerted about their son’s mental state and refused to do anything about it.

McDonald even revealed one such incident were a teacher noticed the teen searching for ammunition on his phone during class. The school contacted the Crumbley’s but never heard back from them. Investigators later found a text message between Mrs. Crumbley and her son about the incident stating “Lol I’m not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught.”

On the day of the shooting, a teacher found a note on Ethan’s death with pictures of a person being shot. The picture also including phrases saying “the thoughts won’t stop, help me,” “blood everywhere,” “my life is useless” and “the world is dead.”

The parents were then summoned to the school and told they need to get their son into therapy within 48 hours. The Crumbleys reportedly rejected the notion and left the school without Ethan.

Ethan then returned to his class and hours later, he retrieved the gun from his bag and began shooting.

The parents are each facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Authorities are reporting that they have no doubt they will find the parents:

“We would have liked to have been given a bit of advance notice that a warrant was coming and had set up on them or done something electronically,” he said. “It is what it is, and we’re going to find them.”