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Authorities search for mother of two; ex-husband considered a suspect

Haywood County Sheriff’s Office
Haywood County Sheriff’s Office

Haywood County, TN — Authorities are searching for a missing 34-year-old woman who was last seen at a motel on Interstate 40 in Jackson, Tennessee.
The Haywood County Sheriff’s Office says Britney Watson was last seen at the motel between the hours of 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. on Jan. 7th, but was not reported missing until January 15th.
Authorities are unsure why the mother of two was at the motel but they did say they are also looking for her husband Kevin Watson.
Kevin is considered a suspect in Britney’s disappearance.
According to the report, the couple divorced about four years ago but were recently trying to get back together despite having “domestic issues.”
Kevin is considered to be armed and suicidal according to “evidence” authorities have collected.
Kevin’s vehicle was discovered in the area of Big Eddy lake on January 16th and authorities have been searching that immediate area.
“We will probably be able to locate him because, as I said, we found the truck, we found the note, and we have tracking dogs out there that’s going to help us search the area. We are also using deputies on foot and a drone unit,” Haywood County Sheriff Billy Garrett Jr. told WBBJ.
Authorities also sent cadaver dogs to Britney’s home on Hillville Loop.
While authorities have not found Britney or her body, they announced a first-degree murder warrant against Kevin Watson to free up resources.
“An arrest warrant will be issued today for First Degree Murder on Kevin. This is done to cover all possibilities and to meet requirements for me to get additional resources to help search,” Sheriff Garrett Jr. wrote.
On Wednesday, authorities were forced to stop searching due to intense weather conditions.
If the couple are not located by Friday, authorities say they will organize a large party of volunteers to help.