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Authorities search for man who attacked and robbed cashier at a convenience store


(DEERFIELD BEACH, FL)– The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a group of suspects who allegedly attacked a cashier at a convenience store and made off with $8,000.

The incident occurred at Tony’s Market at 5105 North Dixie Highway on Oct.24.

According to the surveillance footage, a man wearing a white shirt entered the store shortly before 5:57 p.m. and purchased a pack of cigars.

The suspect was then given change back but was unhappy with the amount of change he was given.

He and the cashier became engaged in an argument and the suspect reportedly left the store.

He then returned a few minutes later with five other men at which point he jumped across the counter, grabbed the cashier, and slammed him to the ground.

The suspect held the cashier down as the five men jumped across the counter and stole the money.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).