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Authorities recover stole hearse with body inside

The LA County Sheriff’s department is reporting that they have recovered a stolen hearse that contained a casket with a body inside. The Lincoln Navigator was reported stolen from outside of the St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church in East Pasadena on Wednesday night. Officials say that around 8:00 pm the mortuary attendant was switching the body’s inside of the church when the vehicle was stolen. On Thursday, a member of the public then spotted the vehicle and contacted the police. Authorities then persued the stolen vehicle and were able to recovered it after the vehicle crashed on 110 Freeway around 7:45 am. While not many details have been released regarding the case, authorities did report that one person was detained and that the casket and the body were left undisturbed. The sheriff’s department hasalso expressed their sympathy to the family of the deceased who were put through more trauma due to the suspect stealing the vehicle containing their loved one.