Authorities Investigate School Bus- Pellet gun Incident

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

Police in Miami are currently investigating an incident where a school bus full of special needs students was shot at by a pellet gun.
According to the report, the incident occurred around 3:00 pm in the area of Northwest 19th Avenue and 72nd Street.
Authorities reported that the school bus carrying special needs teens from Miami Central High School had at least one broken window, but did not confirm whether the damage was caused by the shooter.
At least one student on the bus was checked out by emergency services after concerns about glass striking his face. After being checked out, it was determined that the student was ok.
No other injuries were reported.
As parents heard the news of the incident, they arrived to pick up their children, however, they were told the students must remain on the bus during the initial investigation. Many of the parents were also turned away from the scene because they could not provide an ID.
While no one was taken into custody, authorities say they have several promising leads.