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Authorities have stopped trash pickup until further notice in search for missing child

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - Authorized Page
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation – Authorized Page

CYRIL, OK– The Town of Cyril has stopped all trash pickup to aid The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in their search for a missing 4-year-old child.
Athena Brownfield was reported missing on Tuesday after a postal worker discovered her 5-year-old sister wandering along a road by herself. Officials say Brown and her sister were supposed to be under the supervision of their primary caretaker Alysa Adams, and her husband.
While Brown was discovered to be missing on Tuesday, authorities say she could have been missing since Friday, Jan. 6th.
Officials say they are using all of their resources to search for Brown:
“We’ve been in the air in helicopters with infrared, on the ground, around town there have been a lot of grid searches on foot and on four-wheelers, things like that,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster said.
The town of Cyril has also postponed all trash pickup until further notice.
While authorities reported that they are finding helpful hints around town, they would not classify them as evidence.
As of Wednesday, the children’s home was taped off so that investigators could search it.
Adams was arrested on Thursday and booked into the Caddo County Jail. She is facing two counts of child neglect.
Brown’s sister has been placed in the custody of the state.
As of Thursday, Brown remained missing.

Editor’s note: Authorities first reported that Athena was 3-year-old, however, in an updated post, it was reported that she is 4.