Attorney for Scott Israel Reacts to Laura Loomer’s Report: Broward Sheriff to be Removed Next Week

Florida Gov. Rick Scott, right, walks with Sheriff Scott Israel (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Laura Loomer is reporting that Broward Sheriff Scott Israel will be removed from office next week, not for his handling of the Parkland Shooting but for “criminal issues,” according to “high level
sources.” Read article here.

Former FBI Special Agent and Palm Beach Gardens criminal defense attorney Stuart Kaplan joined the Rich Stevens show today (Thursday) along with investigative reporter Laura Loomer.
Kaplan represents Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.

Kaplan confronted Loomer on her reporting that his client is about to be removed.
Initially on the air and in her article, Loomer said Israel would be removed not for the BSO handling of the Parkland shooting but for “criminal issues.”
Now she says the FDLE report on the investigation into the Broward Sheriff’s office handling of the Parkland massacre will be released next week and that is why he will be removed.

Attorney Kaplan said that if the Governor was going to remove the Broward Sheriff for incompetence that he was already aware of, he would do it immediately and not plan on leaving him in the position until next week.



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