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Atlanta police suspended sergeant for kicking handcuffed woman in head

An Atlanta police sergeant has been suspended without pay after a viral video showed him kick a woman in the head while she was handcuffed and on her stomach.

The six-second video, posted on the Instagram page Atlanta Uncensored, shows a woman face down on the ground and her handcuffed behind her back.

The sergeant who kicked the woman was suspended and the other officer was placed on administrative assignment, Atlanta police announced in a statement Monday.

The names of the sergeant and the other officer were not released in the statement.

The department’s Office of Professional Standards will investigate the actions of the officers.

Gerald Griggs, vice president of the NAACP’s Atlanta Chapter, told Fox 5 he was “shocked and angered” by the video and “at no point should a citizen of Atlanta be kicked in the face while they’re handcuffed.”