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Astronauts in grave danger on ISS after Russian missile test

The head of NASA says he’s outraged over Russia endangering the crew on board the International Space Station. Bill Nelson called it unthinkable after a missile test blew up one of Russia’s own satellites on Monday.
Mission Control NATS
Mission control sounded the warning for the astronauts aboard the space station to prepare for evacuation after a Russian missile test put their lives in grave danger.
Outrage from U.S. officials after Russia carried out a missile test early Monday, firing an anti-satellite missile into space – obliterating one of its own satellites, and creating a vast debris field that’s now orbiting earth.
Some of that debris is traveling thousands of miles per hour, coming dangerously close to the International Space Station, which is currently carrying four U.S. astronauts.
The crew quickly putting on their spacesuits and taking shelter in one of two spacecraft docked at the station which can return them to earth during an emergency.
Russia has previously dismissed U.S. accusations of testing an anti-satellite weapon in outer space as “propaganda.”
Russia’s military has not yet commented on the latest reported test.