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Arrest made in shooting of driver in Boca


BOCA RATON, FL– The Palm Beach Sheriffs’ department has arrested the suspect who reportedly shot a driver while the driver was at a stoplight on Glades road in Boca on Dec. 2nd.
42-year-old Eddys Faraminan was arrested in Miami Gardens for one count of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm.
Witnesses reported that the victim got out of his vehicle and collapsed in the roadway while his truck was still in drive.
The vehicle continued forward until it struck the median.
The victim was taken to an area hospital where it was discovered that he had been shot.
After an investigation, authorities identified Faraminan as the shooter.
He was arrested on Dec. 08th.
It is unclear why the shooting occurred. Witnesses reported that they did not hear any altercations or gunshots prior to the man collapsing. Authorities also say that there were no bullet holes on the victim’s vehicle.
The victim is expected to survive.