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Arrest made in fatal Publix shooting

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Authorities have arrested a suspect believed to be involved in the fatal shooting inside a Publix Super Market in Coral Gables over the weekend.

51-year-old Osmel Lugo-Gutierrez was taken into custody early Sunday after he shot another person during an argument in a line.

The victim identified as Franklyn Jose Pineyro, was in the checkout line with Lugo-Gutierrez looking to purchase Lottery tickets when the two began arguing.

Surveillance video shows Lugo-Gutierrez take a step around the Pineyro’s shopping cart as the victim lunged at him with his left arm extended.  Lugo-Gutierrez then stepped back, pull up his shirt to reveal a gun and shot the victim directly in the chest.

Lugo-Gutierrez was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where he has been booked on a second-degree murder charge.

Publix has since released a statement on the incident:

“Our thoughts are with those who are impacted by this tragedy,” a Publix representative said. “We are cooperating with the local law enforcement. Since this is an active police investigation, we cannot confirm any additional details.”