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ARREST MADE After Pipe Bombs Discovered in Boynton Beach Neighborhood

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A neighborhood in Boynton Beach near a strip mall was evacuated over night after several pipe bombs were discovered and now an arrest has been made. Police arrested 26-year-old Gregory Haasze on 26 counts of making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing or discharging a destructive device. He’s being held at the Palm Beach County Jail. The Palm Beach County bomb squad was called in when after residents heard a loud explosion in the area Congress Avenue and Old Boynton Road over night. The pipe bombs were found in the grassy area off of Hoadley Road. Officers shut down the Old Boynton Road from Congress Avenue to Renaissance Commons Boulevard, the Oakwood Square Shopping Center, and the south end of the Town Center Shopping Center near Target and Best Buy, but they have since reopened. The bomb squad rendered the devices inert and all roadways are open at this hour.