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Armed Florida man killed in officer-involved shooting

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Police in Hallandale were forced to open fire on a suspect who attacked an officer with a knife.
The incident began at the Argo Restaurant along the 2300 block of Hallandale Beach Boulevard on Saturday.
Hallandale Beach police say they were called to the restaurant at around 6:20 p.m. due to a man exhibiting strange behavior.
One witness told reporters that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of something and appeared to make “zombie-like” movements.
When officers arrived, they tried to de-escalate the situation, however, the suspect immediately attacked the officer.
The officer deployed a Taser gun which struck the suspect but did not subdue him.
The suspect reportedly detached the Taser from his body and ran two blocks away to Goldstar Liquors.
While inside the store, the officer and the suspect got into some sort of confrontation.
When backup arrived, the officers opened fire, killing the suspect.
One of the officers was taken to an area hospital with cuts to his face.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the shooting.