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Arizona drivers with iPhones now able to upload driver’s license

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(AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

Drivers in Arizona who own an iPhone are now able to upload their driver’s licenses and/or state ID to their Apple Wallet.
Apple announced the official rollout in the state on Wednesday after teasing that it began working with several states on the initiative last year.
The rollout is Apple’s ongoing initiative to increase support for it’s Apple Wallet.
So far, the Apple Wallet is able to hold digital credit and debt cards, gift cards, entertainment tickets, boarding passes, and car keys.
In order to upload the ID and make sure it is official, the user will be required to take a selfie from several angles after uploading the identification card to prove their identity.
Once it is approved in activated, users will just have to going into their Apple Wallet to reveal their ID.
Though the company has been working for years on this rollout, they noted that working with different states on the identification cards has proven to be a complicated process.
Apple says it next plans to introduce the feature in Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico.
While the Apple Wallet will hold an digital copy of their identification cards, users will still be required to show their physical ID cards in certain cases.
Those cases may include getting into a bar, getting documents notarized, at traffic stops, etc.
Those traveling through TSA checkpoints will be able to use their digital ID for a faster traveling experience.