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AOC caught maskless again in Miami drag bar as Omicron cases rise

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was spotted maskless once again in Florida, this time at a packed drag bar in Miami.

As Omicron cases rise, and New York is gearing up to set record-high numbers of COVID-19 cases and faces an indoor mask mandate for one more month, AOC gets exposed.

“AOC is STILL lounging it up in Florida, in large crowds and maskless,” tweeted Brendon Leslie, a reporter for the  Sunshine State’s Conservative Voice.

AOC has been known to support various coronavirus regulations put in place since 2020 to help curb the spread, including mask mandates.

In March 2021, she slammed the state of Texas for lifting its mandate when most residents were still unvaccinated.

“93.2% of Texans aren’t fully vaccinated. The state just endured one disaster worsened by selfishness + denial of basic science, and now conditions are being set for another,” she tweeted. “Repealing the mask mandate now endangers so many people, especially essential workers & the vulnerable.”