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Another masterpiece assaulted with food by climate activists in Europe

(GERMANY) — Climate protesters threw mashed potatoes at a Claude Monet painting at Potsdam’s Barberini Museum Sunday, to protest fossil fuel extraction.
Fortunately, the painting, which is part of Monet’s haystack series, was enclosed in glass so thankfully, it was not damaged.
After throwing the spuds, a female protestor from the group “Last Generation” gave a speech in German alongside a male activist, both wearing orange vests.
After the starchy assault, the two each glued one of their hands to the wall. The group has called on the German government to take drastic action to protect the climate and stop using fossil fuels.
This assault on a priceless artwork is the latest by climate activists to draw attention to global warming. The British group “Just Stop Oil” threw tomato soup at a Vincent Van Gogh painting in London’s National Gallery earlier this month.

And last spring in Paris, the Mona Lisa was assaulted but unharmed when a visitor to the Louvre dressed as a woman in a wheelchair tried to smash the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing whipped cream across its surface in an apparent climate-related publicity stunt.