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Anonymous code enforcement complaints to no longer be investigated

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

A new Florida law will now ban anonymous complaints made to code enforcement staff members.

The law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis prevents code enforcement divisions in Florida from responding to anonymous reports given to them by the public.

According to the report, the law was enacted to help lessen the burden of complaints code enforcement receives so that they can be more efficient and productive:

“There’s a lot of code violations that we could maybe address a little bit more proactively, that we couldn’t in the past,” he said.

Nearly 10,000 tips are called into the Palm Beach County Code Enforcement Office, each year and over 80% of the calls are made by anonymous callers.

“I would say 80 percent are probably anonymous,” Interim Code Enforcement Manager Rick Torrance told CBS12.

Authorities report that now if someone wants to report a code violation, they will need to leave their contact information so that employees can follow up with them directly on the issue.

While the law does not require code enforcement to monitor anonymous complaints, if staff members believe the anonymous complaint is an urgent matter or that this issue poses an immediate threat to public safety, they will investigate it.