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Android update causes increase in accidental 911 calls


VERO BEACH, FL– Emergency dispatchers are reporting that a recent Android update has caused an increase in accidental emergency calls.
According to those with knowledge of the situation, the Android update appears to have turned on the Emergency SOS function on some phones, making it easier to accidentally place the call.
While most of the accidental callers have hung up once they realized what was happening, authorities say the situation is still a burden on the department:
“It’s extreme. We get so many a day, it takes away from our resources because we have to call them back,” said Indian River County Dispatch Supervisor, Joanna Hau. “There could be five 911 lines ringing and three of those are open lines that they don’t know their phone has called.”
Officials are advising Android users to turn off their SOS function. Authorities also say that if you accidentally place an emergency call stay on the line and to state it was an accident so dispatchers do not have to call back.