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Andrew Gillum Opens Up after Meltdown in Miami

Former gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, is speaking up for the first time since entering rehab blaming his loss in the governor’s race for his downward spiral.

Gillum loss impact
He posted a message on Instagram yesterday about his treatment for depression and alcoholism.

The 40-year-old says he’s on a journey to be at peace with himself.

In an 11-minute Instagram post, Gillum described the shame he endured after he was found drunk in a Miami Beach hotel room with a man, Travis Dyson, who had been suspected of overdosing on crystal meth.

According to local news reports, Dyson worked as a gay porn actor and advertised himself as a male escort.

The episode in a Miami Beach hotel room led to Gillum withdrawing from public life, shutting down a promising political career.