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An open letter to President Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump, Devin Nunes
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

An open letter to President Donald J. Trump:

There is only one man on the face of this planet that can reason with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and that is you—and you know it!

There are millions of women and children, starving and freezing, because of the war in Ukraine. Good soldiers from two countries are dying. They need you—they need the Art of the Deal. Billions of dollars are great, but
anyone can cut those deals (though not as well as you). These stakes are real: beautiful children and their parents and grandparents will die because the leadership of this country is in over their heads. Our current President might “nap” us into a nuclear war if you don’t broker a cease-fire.

Your legacy as President in de-escalating nuclear conflicts is remarkable; humanity will never forget North Korea. But what about becoming the first man ever to save the world between his presidential terms! You can invite President Obama to your Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony—this time, he can sit in the audience and listen to you!

You beat a once-in-a-century pandemic—now you can prevent World War III. Your idol, President Abraham Lincoln, was a historic leader who rose to the occasion against all odds. Your time in history is now; if you do not make this trip, it will haunt you till your dying day. Godspeed, Mr. President. Tens of millions of Americans would gladly sign this letter if they could

Daniel Taylor, Taylor Realty Group

Joyce Kaufman, Radio Talk Show Host, WFTL

Fane Lozman, Two-Time U.S. Supreme Court winner