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American Express sues woman for not paying $39,000 bill

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(DELRAY BEACH, Florida)– American Express is suing a Delray Beach woman for payment delinquency, according to BocaNewsNow.com.

The court filing by American Express states that Denise Katz owes $39,361.45 plus court costs.

Katz’s card is in the name of “Complete AV Solutions, Inc.,” an audio/visual company based out of Delray Beach; however, she is solely responsible for the bill.

According to the card issuer, Katz has not made a minimum payment for a significant period of time.

In the filing made in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, Katz’s balance as of August was $38,219.44, but $986 in new interest brings her current total to $39,361.45, and her minimum payment due is $8,878.

American Express has said that if Katz were to make only the minimum payments when they are due, it could take 31 years to fully pay off the debt, which, due to compounding interest, would amount to $89,674.