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American Airlines to start booking full capacity flights

American Airlines has announced that it will begin booking flights at full capacity starting next week.

The announcement was made on Friday stating the the airline will began selling every seat on it’s flights beginning on Wednesday.

The move follows United Airlines’ decision to offer every available seat to passengers.

In April, American Airlines limited bookings to about 85% of a plane’s capacity by  blocking the middle seats on each of their flights to encourage social distancing.

Delta, Southwest, Alaska, and JetBlue also blocked the middle seat and even went as far as limiting the amount of tickets that could be sold on each flight.

American and United argue that with stepped up sanitation measures, customers being subjected to a temperature check, and required to wear a face mask while onboard, there is no need to space out the customers.

In addition to selling every available seat, American Airlines says it will continue to notify customers about flights that are filling up and let them change flights at no extra cost. Passengers will also be able to change seats on the plane if there is room within the cabin.

Delta, Southwest, Alaska and JetBlue say they will continue social distancing practices through September.