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This is Where We Start:

10 things we must do now to halt the economic, political and information takeover of America:

The coup is now virtually complete and the purge is underway. The purge did not stop with the sudden takedown of Parler and deplatforming of conservative voices like Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk, Ron Paul and countless other lesser-known names you no longer see in your Facebook feed.

Now the FBI is gleefully rounding up Trump supporters who attended last week’s rally and letting those on the left who instigated the violence walk, including the leftist activist John Sullivan, who was released from a Utah jail without bond.
Leftwing activist John Earle Sullivan

The Epoch Times, citing court documents, reported that Parler CEO John Matze has been forced with his family into hiding after credible threats were made against his life. The threats were made after Parler sued Amazon for allegedly colluding with Google and Apple to kick Parler off the Internet.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been caught on tape saying that kicking Trump off social media is just the beginning of what Big Tech has planned. They intend to silence all conservative voices with the cooperation of the Democratic-Socialist Party of America that now controls all three branches of government.

Many conservatives are in panic mode. Others remain too blind to even notice what is going on. They will catch on shortly. The United States of America is going full communist, and faster than anyone ever imagined.

I for one refuse to live in fear of these dictators, most of whom work directly or indirectly for the CODE RED ALERT: America on Brink of Techno Dictatorship, How Do We Fight Back?

Translation: The communists are here. You can keep your heads in the sand and deny it, but if you voted for Biden-Harris, you voted for communism because the Biden crime family is tied to China and deeply compromised by the CCP.

Principled Christians and staunch patriots who won’t compromise the truth or deny what they’ve seen with their own eyes are already being cut loose by U.S. corporations.

My prediction of a bifurcated society — a new Apartheid nation made up of the privileged Trump haters and the less-than human Trump supporters — is the new reality. That’s what happens in totalitarian countries. You pay to play. Give your obedience to the party in power and you will be allowed to live a normal life. Get out of line in the least by dissenting from the party line and you will be identified, isolated, and persecuted.

All it takes is a murmur of support for Donald Trump, or a Facebook picture of you practicing your First Amendment rights, advocating the America-first policies associated with a certain political candidate, and you are on the list. It doesn’t matter if you are the star employee, you will have to go. They might give you a second chance if you grovel before your new masters, apologize and beg forgiveness. But even then you will be marked as a potential troublemaker and live under close scrutiny.

Hillary Clinton weighed in last week on her vision for the nation. We should listen to her because she is a spokeswoman for the globalist power elites. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, she said Trump supporters were domestic terrorists and white supremacists who need to be “tracked and surveilled.”
Many Christians will just shut up and comply. Like the German Christians did when the Nazis started showing their fangs.

They think they will save their own skin, but in the end they will find out, like the Germans, that this was a tragic mistake. And the suffering brought upon this nation by weak, compliant patriots will be much more severe than any loss of job, income or reputation.

We are 75 to 80 million strong. Better to stand up now and join the resistance than sit back and wait for what comes next.

What does this resistance look like?

For starters, it’s not an armed resistance.

When Biden took office on Jan. 20, any armed resistance would be immediately and brutally crushed by the U.S. military machine. Many of my patriot friends believe the military is our last line of defense against tyranny. But, as tyranny is taking over right before our eyes, I see no evidence of the white hats riding to our rescue in tanks and armored personnel carriers. I do see evidence of an officer corps that is in the tank for the global military-industrial complex. The top brass of our military works for the corporate defense industry that benefits from endless wars around the world. They do not work for Americans or America’s interests. The military establishment could prove me wrong, and I hope they do, but the way I see them, they are just one of the many cultural institutions that have been gradually captured over the last 75 years by the liberal anti-God, anti-family, anti-American globalist power elites.

I have ideas, however, of how we can resist. If you are not serious about resisting evil, please stop reading this right now, because the recipe for victory is not for the couch-potato, fair-weather patriot. This will take sacrifice and sober-mindedness.

To be successful, my recommendations will take a steely resolve and iron-clad discipline. Maybe now that we have our backs against the wall, and the boot pressed against our face, more patriotic Americans will take these suggestions seriously than when the dictatorship seemed far off. It’s no longer enough to just espouse conservative values, attend church and spout your views on Facebook. Defeating this enemy will require prayer, fasting and action. It will cost you something. If it’s not costing you anything, you will know that you’re not doing anything to help stave off the techno-communist takeover now in process.

You may have other suggestions that I haven’t thought of and I encourage you to share them with me. This is just my opening salvo. You can bet I will share more later.

I’m not one to believe in easy fixes. All I know is we must break out of the matrix – their matrix — and help others do the same.

Delete Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. They are more than willing to hand over your data to the government and sell it to their corporate buddies. If you do decide to stay on any of these platforms, do so for reconnaissance purposes only. View them to find out what the other side is talking about. If you post anything, do not make it about your personal business, issues, dealings or opinions. This is enemy territory!

According to

“Google trackers have been found on 75 percent of the top million websites. This means they are not only tracking what you search for, they’re also tracking which websites you visit, and using all your data for ads that follow you around the Internet. Your personal data can also be subpoenaed by lawyers. Google answered over 150,000 such data requests in 2019 alone. More and more people are also realizing the risk of relying on one company for so many personal services [the same could be said for Amazon].”

Use to replace Google. DuckDuckGo also has an excellent phone app.

Ditch Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Explorer and Edge. Replace these browsers with It is not only more private, you will find it runs faster and smoother without all the spyware attachments.

In place of Youtube, use Bitchute and Rumble.

I get the majority of my news now from scanning alternative sites like What finger news,, Canon 212, Gateway Pundit and the National Pulse.

Focus your efforts on getting good, honest people with strong backbones elected to local offices. Get an honest person elected as governor of your state. COVID has shown us how much power governors have at their disposal. Clean out your state legislatures, targeting corrupt RINO Republicans for primary competition.

Georgia, as an example, is one of the most politically conquered states and this happened with the governor’s mansion and every statewide office held by Republicans. They were all traitors. Tear up the ticket and start from scratch in the primaries. It will take time, but we now know who the traitors are. Anyone who defends Gov. Brian Kemp, SOS Brad Raffensperger, AG Geoff Duncan, or State House Speaker David Ralston is either living under a strong delusion or is part of the corrupt system. Do not listen to them.

Stay tuned for more on how we fight back, peacefully, with civic and economic resistance. If you agree with this strategy, share this with like-minded patriots.