Alleged victim testifies in FL Uber driver’s rape trial

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane)

Tuesday morning, the woman who accused a Florida Uber driving of raping her after driving her home from the West Palm Beach-based music festival SunFest took the stand in his trial.

Gary Kitchings,58, is facing multiple charges including sexual battery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

Monday, the trial began for Kitchings with jury selection.

The selected jury consists of 8 men and two women as well as two alternate jurors.

Tuesday, the alleged victim testified, that she had attempted to escape by jumping out of the suspect’s vehicle but was unable to because the car was locked.

She claims Kitchens then threatened her with a gun.

The defense reportedly spent a majority of their time attempting to discredit the woman’s story and what she told police.

Although the trial has just begun, it could be in the jury’s hands as early as Wednesday or Thursday.

This story will be updated once more information is available.

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