Alcoholic beverages found on boat that struck diver

Authorities in Palm Beach County are reporting that they found several open alcoholic containers on a boat that struck a diver and severed the diver’s arm.
The incident was reported near the Breakers Hotel Thursday, around 12 PM.
According to the police report, 30-year-old Daniel Stanton was driving the boat when he accidentally entered a diving zone and struck one of the divers with the boat.
The diver later identified as 25-year-old Carter Viss, was rushed to an area hospital where he remains in critical condition with a severed right arm, a break to his left wrist and severe injuries to both of his legs.
A Good Samaritan was able to recover Viss’ severed limb and dive belt which were then turned over to the U.S. Coast Guard.
Stanton told authorities that he did not see the diving flags until the last minute and attempted to slow his boat down but still struck the diver.
Witnesses told officials that three diving flags were clearly visible and that the boat had been traveling at a high rate of speed when the incident occurred.
During their Investigation authorities say they found several open Truly Hard Seltzer containers scattered throughout to boat along with a large container filled with an unknown liquid at the boat’s steering wheel.

This incident is still under investigation.