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African-American Man Who Filmed White Woman Falsely Calling Police Speaks Out

Christian Cooper, the black man who filmed Amy Cooper, a white woman, calling the cops on him, falsely claiming her life was being threatened, has spoken up about the video that’s been seen over 30 million times.

Mr. Cooper, a Harvard grad who is not related to Ms. Cooper and an avid birdwatcher, said “I am one of the few African-Americans who bird-watches…regularly.

I’ve always been aware that if I’m crawling around behind a shrub, trying to catch a glimpse of a small bird, holding a metal object in my hands, I will be perceived differently if the police come across that scene.”

While Mr. Cooper said he wouldn’t be apart of “his own dehumanization”, he added that he’s “a little bit uncomfortable” with the frenzy surrounding the incident, adding “If our goal is to change underlying factors, I am not sure that this young woman having her life completely torn apart serves that goal.”

Ms. Cooper was fired from her job at an investment firm following the viral video.